NoSpamNX for WordPress Works!!!

From near day one of setting up this blog using WordPress, I’ve been using the NoSpamNX plugin to filter out spam comments to my measly articles. This evening was the first time a spam snuck through, pretty impressive, 74 spams blocked, 1 got through.

As I understand it, the way NoSpamNX works is it adds extra fields to your comment form that are hidden from a regular person viewing through a regular browser. A spambot on the other hand sees these hidden fields and cannot resist filling them out, any comments submitted with data in the hidden fields automatically gets flagged as spam.

If you want to have comments on your blog without forcing readers to log in or interpret one of the various types of captchas give NoSpamNX a try.

Now if only I could write something interesting enough that a non-spambot would want to comment on.

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