Pay yer Piracy Penance

Do you use bittorrent now and then for useless shiny things? How ’bout sharing something useful while you are online?

It won’t keep the MAFIAA lawyers dragging your ass to court for downloading the latest Justin Gaga or Ladyboy Bieber CD but you may feel less dirty by sharing this.

Cd3wd is a free but high quality collection of practical How-To Technical Development Information – helping the 3rd world to help itself.
There are 4000 titles, totalling 13 gigabytes.

When I’m online I fire up my bittorrent program and it shares out this huge collection of materials that although intended for 3rd worlders, DIYers and modern homesteaders will find it useful.

You can browse the contents of the distribution here

You can download the torrent file here


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